Friday, January 16, 2009

Vegetarian Homemade Burrito(non-vegan)

It's a lot colder here than it was yesterday: 14.3ºF, and I don't care where you're from, that's downright chilly!! My homestate, Maine, is even colder, tho: -3ºF!! While I certainly sympathize with my Dad, and all the rest of my family way up there, I'm sure grateful to be here, lol. And, according to, we must might get some snow either Saturday or Sunday, which just tickles the fire out of me. I won't hold my breath waiting, tho, and as long as I don't get stuck at work, I hope it comes a blizzard!!!!

In spite of all the new recipes I'd like to try, last night I made a new old favorite, lol: homemade burritos. It's amazing how many different things I can eat now that I'm not putting meat in them. Evidently it was mostly the meats that were upsetting my stomach and giving me so much gastric distress. Even my chili doesn't bother me any more, whereas chili con carne(chili with meat in it)always hurt me, and quite badly, too. Pinto beans and other beans don't bother me like they used to, either. All of this just delights me, as you can well imagine. So the fact that I can eat a burrito, complete with sour cream(tofutti brand, of course)and a mild salsa, is just a wonderful, wonderful thing, believe me.

The last time I made a burrito, I made re-fried beans to put in it, but last night, I didn't use any beans at all, just some veggies, some fake cheese, and some goat cheese crumbles. 'Twas delicious, and I'll make it again sometime. There isn't really a recipe for it, but I can give you the general idea, and you, of course, can change it around any way you like. 'Twon't bother me at all, at all!

What I used for veggies were onions, mushrooms, celery, and roasted red peppers. I sauted these in olive oil, along with a heaping teaspoonful of minced garlic, until they were all nice and soft. While they were cooking, I cut two pieces of the fake smoked provolone cheese into strips. I poured a goodly amount of salsa on the middle of a tortilla, laid the cheese strips on top of that, spooned the veggie mixture on top of the cheese, and then spread the goat cheese crumbles over it all. Rolled the tortilla, but didn't fold in the sides this time, and heated the whole shebang in an ungreased skillet, just enough for the tortilla to warm up, not even long enough for it to brown at all. While that was warming, I poured some more salsa across my plate, and then laid the heated tortilla on top of it. It was so full and gooey from the cheese that I decided I should eat it with a fork and knife, lol. Get a forkful of tortilla, load it up with the soy sour cream, and chow down!!! Excellent, I tell ya, absolutely excellent! Dessert was a bowl of Kroger brand granola, without raisins. It was on sale, 2/$4, so I decided to buy it instead of buying all the stuff to make my own. I do have a lazy streak, y'know.

My intentions today are to make a Pumpkin "Cheesecake," but, my intentions don't always come to be. You may be sure that if I do make it, I will post the recipe here...even if I don't like it.

Until next time, Happy Eating...and stay warm, hear?

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