Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Kidney Specialist....

My world is very sunny and hot lately, with heat indices over 100ºF, which is just darned hot for me. I am soooooo ready for winter, I really am. During the winter, I promise you that not once will you hear me say I'm ready for summer, tho. Never.

It's been almost two weeks since I've posted, my apologies, but I haven't felt much like cooking anything new. Or much of anything at all, really. Most of what I have cooked has been using up the stuff in the fridge, so it doesn't spoil. For instance, I used the last of the cabbage, carrots, and sprouting(really. VERY sprouting, lol)potatoes in a sort of boiled dinner, and then I used the leftovers from that the next night to make a vegetable hash: everything diced fine and fried up together, then a little apple cider vinegar poured over it. Very, very good!

But, all in all, I really am not feeling up to doing much lately. The visit to the kidney man went well. I am not dying, and I am not facing dialysis, both of which I am very grateful for. He thinks that the poor functioning of my kidney is reversible, that it is caused from too many ibuprofen for too many years, and has taken me completely off ibuprofen, as well as my pain med, Tramadol, and instead, has put me on Vicoden, and told me that I may use Tylenol. Sigh. It's not working, and I am in awe of how much the "cocktail" of ibuprofen and Tramadol had stopped my pain. I am now hurting in places that I didn't realize that I hurt...and am just about out of the vicoden to boot.

Kidney man has insisted that I go to a rheumatologist, but this isn't proving all that easy. I finally got to speak with her "scheduler" this AM, only to be told that they would have to contact kidney man for my records, have the records faxed to their office, and then they'd contact me about setting up an appointment. Oh, goody. Wonder how long this is going to take?!?!? Mainly all I can tell you is that I am heartily tired of people sticking needles in my arms and telling me to pee in a cup for them!! Next time someone offers to stick a needle in your arm, or asks you to pee in a cup, just tell them, "Not today, thanks.!!!!" LOL!!

I'll be back with more recipes eventually, but in the meantime, please keep me in your prayers, and, Happy Eating!!!!


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