Friday, May 8, 2009

Dinner for the Omnivore Dadster!!!

This week there isn't going to be a new recipe, as I really haven't cooked all that much, and nothing new anyway. It's been a rather hectic week for me, work was busy, so I've been tired and eating mostly sammiches or cereal, and last night just pulled something from the freezer and baked a potato to go with it. My dad arrived Tuesday, the 5th, so I've been talking to him, and we went out to eat Tuesday evening, at the Waffle House where I work. Wheeeeeee! LOL! I had a waffle, hashbrowns, and a couple overlight eggs, and it was adequate.

Around five this evening, Dad's taking me and my granddaughter, the mother of my gorgous little great-grandson, out to an early dinner for Mother's Day. He wanted to do it...logically enough...on Mother's Day, but I flat refuse to go out on Sundays, much less a day like Mother's Day. The crowds and the lines are going to be stupendous, I have no doubt. Even the WH is busy...and btw, if you ever want to take me out on Mother's Day, do NOT insult me by taking me to any Waffle House, anywhere! Got it? Good! Anyway, he's taking us to the Longhorn Steak House. I think this is hilarious...what do you suppose he thinks I'M going to eat, eh? IF he even gave it a thought, which he probably didn't, lol.

So, when we were talking on the phone about his coming down to visit, I told him I was a vegetarian, and he very quickly informed me he wasn't going to be eating vegetarian food. Ok. So, we went to the grocery store after he got here, and he picked up eggs, a can of Dinty Moore, and a can of tuna. So far he's had half the can of Dinty Moore. The night I offered to cook, I wish you could've seen his eyes light up when I told him what I was planning: Cheese omelettes, fried potatoes with onions, biscuits, and sliced tomatoes and cukes. While he was eating, he kept saying how good it was, and of course I had to tease him a little, reminding him that he was eating vegetarian food. "Well," he said, "this is REAL food!" So, um, Dad? What did ya think I ate?!?!

So, until next time...and btw, I'll post again tomorrow to let you know what I had to eat at the steakhouse...Happy Eating!


Sherrie said...

Ohhhh, I am cracking up here. I can't wait for the next post !!

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